Our Nature Reserves

Our Nature Reserves

St Catherine's Hill, Winchester, by Ed Merritt

Reserve Map

Ancells Farm Nature Reserve  (4)

Arreton Down Nature Reserve  (47)

Barton Meadows Nature Reserve  (17) 

Blashford Lakes Nature Reserve  (29)

Bouldnor Forest Nature Reserve  (49)

Broughton Down Nature Reserve  (21)

Chappetts Copse Nature Reserve  (27)

Copythorne Common Nature Reserve  (23)

Coulters Dean Nature Reserve  (24)

Deacon Hill Nature Reserve

Eaglehead and Bloodstone Copses Nature Reserve  (51)

Emer Bog and Baddesley Common Nature Reserve  (18)

Farlington Marshes Nature Reserve  (38)

Fishlake Meadows Nature Reserve  (13)

Fletchwood Meadows Nature Reserve  (35)

Flexford Nature Reserve  (25)

Greywell Moors Nature Reserve  (2)

Headley Gravel Pit Nature Reserve   (8)

Hockley Meadows Nature Reserve   (26)

Hoe Road Meadow Nature Reserve  (40)

Holmsley Gravel Pit Nature Reserve  (36)

Hook Common and Bartley Heath Nature Reserve  (3) 

Hookheath Meadows Nature Reserve  (44)

Hythe Spartina Marsh Nature Reserve  (32)

Kitt's Grave Nature Reserve  (33)

Knighton Down Nature Reserve  (52)

Linwood Nature Reserve  (37)

Lower Test Nature Reserve  (19)

Lymington and Keyhaven Marshes Nature Reserve  (31)

Lymington Reedbeds Nature Reserve  (34)

Mapledurwell Fen and The Hatch Nature Reserve  (5)

Milton Locks Nature Reserve  (41)

Newchurch Moors Nature Reserve  (50)

Ningwood Common Nature Reserve  (53)

Noar Hill Nature Reserve  (20)

Old Burghclere Lime Quarry Nature Reserve  (9)

Pamber Forest and Upper Inhams Copse Nature Reserve  (1)

Pewit Island Nature Reserve  (45)

Ron Ward’s Meadow Nature Reserve  (10)

Roydon Woods Nature Reserve  (30)

Sandown Meadows Nature Reserve  (48)

Shutts Copse Nature Reserve  (27)

Southmoor Nature Reserve  (42)

St Catherine’s Hill Nature Reserve  (14)

St Clair's Meadow Nature Reserve  (43)

St Lawrence Field Nature Reserve  (54)

St Lawrence Undercliff Woods Nature Reserve  (55)

Swanpond Copse Nature Reserve  (56)

Swanwick Lakes Nature Reserve  (39)

Testwood Lakes Nature Reserve  (15)

Warnborough Greens Nature Reserve  (6)

Weavers Down Bog Nature Reserve  (12)

Whitehouse Meadow Nature Reserve  (11)

Winnall Moors Nature Reserve  (16)

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