Waste of Space

We can rewild our towns & cities

We need more green space

Natural and wild places have provided a lifeline for people across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight over the past year, providing essential outside space to relax, exercise, play and spend time with friends and family. Access to nature is known to benefit people’s physical and mental health, leading to reductions in depression, anxiety and obesity. However, the pandemic has highlighted vast inequalities in access to green and natural spaces. One in eight households have no garden and rely entirely on public open spaces, and yet there is not enough quality green spaces in our urban areas. We need more wild, green, and natural spaces for our mental health, our community and our wildlife.

With a lot of wasted space in our towns and cities, there's a tremendous opportunity to transform these spaces into bright colourful places full of life. Any area, no matter how small, will contribute to a Nature Recovery Network, and help rewild where we live.

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What can you do to create a wilder Hampshire and Isle of Wight? By taking just one action for nature, no matter how small, you can make an impact and invite more wildlife back into our lives. There are many ways to be involved with Team Wilder, find out here.

Team Wilder is part of our Wilder Strategy to encourage more people on nature's side, make more space for wildlife to thrive, and to reduce our pressure on the environment.