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In order for nature to recover, we need many more people on nature’s side. 

The science shows that if just one person in every four (25%) takes action, this can be enough to change the minds and behaviour of the majority.

With your help, we can put nature into recovery, create more space for wildlife to thrive, and reduce the pressure on the environment.

This has to be a joint effort.  We all have different skills, knowledge, and experience to offer. 

Together, we are #TeamWilder.

Team Wilder Animation ©  HIWWT/Al Boardman

Team Wilder and Covid-19

Fortunately Team Wilder is still running despite the pandemic. To adapt, we have focused our attentions on creating more online content and helping people to connect with nature from their homes. By joining our online community, you will receive many of the Trust's wild resources, information about our upcoming online events, and can start connecting with other community members.

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What can you do to create a wilder Hampshire and Isle of Wight? By taking just one action for nature, no matter how small, you can make an impact and invite more wildlife back into our lives. There are many ways to be involved with Team Wilder, all of which are detailed here. If you're already taking action or have plans to do something in the near future, we'd love to hear from you!

Put your name on the Wilder Actions map

Anyone can be a part of Team Wilder

People are stepping forward from every sector of society to lead change in their fields and we welcome farmers, businesses, schools, politicians, and individuals as part of Team Wilder. If you're taking action for nature right now, no matter how small the act is, you're already a part of #TeamWilder.

Farming with nature

Farmers are vital to nature's recovery and many are already leading the way in making space for wildlife. We learn from, advise and support these pioneering land managers to help build healthier farming systems and bring wildlife back.

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Local businesses supporting nature

From corporate memberships, to funding our projects, to involving yourself and your employees in our volunteer opportunities, we all have an important role to play.

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Schools and groups creating wilder spaces

Our education work helps children and young people to discover and connect with the amazing natural world around them.  

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Individuals and communities taking action

Anyone with passion and motivation to make change in their own lives or in others can do something.

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Start taking action

Every step we take matters. Small actions add up and can make a huge difference for wildlife. What follows is a list of ways you can get involved in taking action for nature. By doing any of the following activities, you're a part of Team Wilder.

Wildlife gardening © Tom Marshall

Wildlife gardening © Tom Marshall

Take action for wildlife

There are things we can change in our everyday lives that will - either directly or indirectly - have positive impacts on wildlife. We can all make choices about what we eat, what we wear, how we travel, where we put our money and who we vote for.

Wilder action ideas 

We can also decide to share our spaces with wildlife – whether that’s a window box or a large estate in the countryside. There are so many ways we can make our homes and gardens wild and wonderful.

Wilder space ideas

Trainee Ecologist Kate Gwynn conducting a riverfly survey at Trust site: Winnall Moors

Trainee Ecologist Kate Gwynn conducting a riverfly survey at Trust site: Winnall Moors

©Ben Rushbrook

Learn new skills

Taking action for wildlife can sometimes be a bit daunting but it doesn't have to be. If you want to gain new skills or increase your knowledge, we have a range of courses that can help you. From wildlife gardening, surveying techniques, to forest school training - we offer something for all audiences.

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Blashford Lakes Walk © Michelle George

Blashford Lakes Walk © Michelle George

Come to a wilder event

We host events throughout the year for people of all ages to enjoy and offer opportunities for people to get closer to wildlife and have wild experiences.

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using a laptop in nature

Share your story

There are already so many people out there who are doing wonderful things to benefit their local wildlife. We would love to hear how you are making changes where you are.

Whether you fancy writing a blog, sending some photos or even sharing a video, please get in touch if you would like to share your story.

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Wickham and Knowle Climate Action Group

From right to left: Andy, Anna, Charlie, Jon, Emma, Roz, Ange, Yvonne

© Clare Catling

Join a Wilder Community

Our Team Wilder Community groups are passionate and motivated to bring about positive changes for nature on a local and national level. Having local people on the ground means that we, Team Wilder, can better understand and support the specific needs of your community as well as expand our reach and messaging which altogether makes us more effective. 

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Take your actions further

Increase your impact by encouraging those around you - from your neighbour to the government - to take action. Find resources specially curated for Team Wilder's needs on how to create a group with your friends and neighbours, how to get funding for your group, and how to ask your local councils to support you, among many other things!

Team Wilder Resources and Toolkits

Volunteers on the Wildflower Island Project

Left to right: Eric Walker MBE, Kathleen Askew, Anne Hauschild, Netty Shepherd, Sue Hutchings, and David Armitage. Dogs: Doug and Lily 

© Jeanette Shepherd

Become a Wilder Leader

Take action at work, school or in your community. We know that there are thousands of people across our counties who are passionate about how their area, school, business, land, or workplace could be wilder. 

We are looking for people who are willing to help lead change, get others on board and be part of this brilliant wild movement.  

Whoever you are, we are sure there is a role that will suit you. We will follow you along every step of your journey, providing support, training and advice and helping to share your successes and stories so you can inspire others to be part of Team Wilder too. 

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Marine Champions on Wightlink Ferry © Emily Stroud

Marine Champions on Wightlink Ferry © Emily Stroud

Become a Wilder Champion

Team Wilder is looking for Wilder Champions; volunteers who can help us reach more people across our two counties.  You could support others to go wild in their gardens or help run events - speaking to people, sharing your knowledge and passion and inspiring others to take action for wildlife.

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Campaign MCZs

Campaign MCZs

Take part in our campaigns

We need decision makers to understand the importance of wildlife and to take action for nature's recovery.  By using your voice and calling for positive changes, you can help us create a much wilder future.   If you have a passion for politics, why not become a Campaign Leader.  We will be offering support and training to help you take a lead role in Wildlife Trust  campaigns or to lead your own campaigns for changes you want to see locally.   

Winchester College volunteers scallop planting at Barton Meadows nature reserve

Support the Trust

We are grateful for the thousands of members, supporters and volunteers who help us to deliver our vision of a Wilder Future.

We couldn’t do it without you.

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