Marine Citizen Science

Marine Citizen Science

Safeguarding the future of our amazing marine wildlife has never been more important. But for that to happen organisations like ours need data - lots of it - and a helping hand from people like you.

Citizen science initiatives pool data collected by individual volunteers, transforming small actions into big results. If you're interested in marine wildlife and its conservation, these initiatives are a great chance to make a real difference.

You can participate in citizen science through Secrets of the Solent, our wider marine work, and many national initiatives. This might involve collecting data on vulnerable marine habitats, or monitoring threats like marine litter and non-native invasive species.

Citizen science initiatives are open to everyone, are a great excuse to get outdoors, and often don't require specialist knowledge or skills. No matter how much time you have to spare, you'll be making a valuable contribution to wildlife conservation across the Solent and beyond.

Get involved nationwide

Within our region and further afield, there are citizen science initiatives to suit all marine wildlife interests. Whether you want to delve into rockpools or battle marine litter, you're sure to find the right one for you.

Marine litter

#2minutebeachclean - collect data on marine litter as part of a beach clean.

Beachwatch - collect data on marine litter as part of a beach clean.

The Big Microplastic Survey - collect data on shoreline microplastics.

Bottle Sightings - report drinks bottles and cans on our beaches to the Marine Conservation Society.

Otrivin Bottle Sightings - report Otrivin bottles on our beaches.

The Plastic Tide - collect data on marine litter by reviewing drone footage.

Species monitoring

Big Seaweed Search - collect data on various seaweed species.

BioBlitz - collect data on marine wildlife through annual 24-hour events.

Crab Watch - collect data on various crab species.

Great Eggcase Hunt - collect data on sharks, skates, and rays.

iSeahorse - collect data on various seahorse species.

Mitten Crab Watch - collect data on this invasive crab species.

National Whale and Dolphin Watch - collect data on whales, dolphins, and porpoises through annual week-long events.

Sea Watch Regular Observers - collect data on whales, dolphins, and porpoises.

Sealife Survey - collect data on marine wildlife.

Seasearch - collect data on marine species while scuba diving.

UK Whale and Dolphin Strandings - report whale, dolphin, and porpoise strandings to the Natural History Museum.

Wakame Watch - collect data on this invasive seaweed species.

Wildlife Sightings - report marine species sightings to the Marine Conservation Society.