Secrets of the Solent

Secrets of the Solent

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Project on hold

Due to the Covid-19 situation our project Secrets of the Solent is currently on hold. If you urgently need to reach someone regarding project activities please get in touch. You can also read more about the Wildlife Trust's wider response.

The Solent is a special place, with endless surprises just beneath its surface. There are vast seagrass meadows and intricate chalk reefs, as well as fascinating species like seahorses, thresher sharks, and cuttlefish.

Our project Secrets of the Solent is shining a spotlight on this vibrant marine environment. Over four busy years we're celebrating our extraordinary waters, the amazing people and wildlife that share them, and the inspiring work being done to safeguard their future.

Secrets of the Solent is supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. We want to thank them and everyone who has given their time and resources to making the project happen - we couldn't have done it without you.

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