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Join Team Wilder

Hoe Road Meadow © Lianne de Mello

We're putting nature back into recovery! If only 1 in 4 people take action for wildlife, we can tip the scales back into our favour and bring wildlife back from the brink of extinction. Already, many people from across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight are making hedgehog highways, planting pollinator friendly flowers, digging wildlife ponds, and lobbying our MPs to make more space for nature.

By taking action for nature, you're a part of Team Wilder. Every action, no matter how small, can make a huge impact. Like the butterfly that flaps its wings and causes a tornado. 

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We are starting to see that combining our individual actions is creating positive changes in the wildlife around us. Take a look at the map below to see how people across our two counties are helping wildlife return.

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Our Team Wilder Community groups are passionate and motivated to bring about positive changes for nature on a local and national level. Having local people on the ground means that we, Team Wilder, can better understand and support the specific needs of your community as well as expand our reach and messaging which altogether makes us more effective. 

Find your local Wilder group here

You might not find a Wilder community group near you, and that's okay! After you've joined Team Wilder and have placed a pin in our map, ourselves and others will be able to see where you're taking action! When there is a significant number of Team Wilder members in a specific area, Team Wilder will host an online Wilder Village Hall to bring members together and discuss opportunities of creating a Wilder Community Group. We're here to help you network and get you started on your wilder journey.