Team Wilder Community Groups

Team Wilder Community Groups

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Our Team Wilder Community groups are passionate and motivated to bring about positive changes for nature on a local and national level. Having local people on the ground means that we, Team Wilder, can better understand and support the specific needs of your community as well as expand our reach and messaging which altogether makes us more effective. 

You may already be a part of an existing community group whose goals and motivations align well with Team Wilder, or you may be looking to set your own one up. Whatever it is, Team Wilder can help you by providing certain training, resources and toolkits, and connecting you with other like minded groups and people for you to share your ideas with. 

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The map below displays the current Team Wilder community groups across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. If there's a group you would like to join, share ideas with, or get advice from, please email and we'll put you in touch.

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Do you represent a Team Wilder group and wish to be put on the map? Fill out this form here.

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No community groups in your area?

Starting a community group on your own takes a lot of time and energy that you may not have right now. That's why, Team Wilder is here to help you! We'll connect you with others in your area who are also interested in starting a group and we'll give you training and plenty of resources in setting a group up yourselves.

Become a Wilder Community Leader. We are looking for people to step forward in their local areas and lead change – bringing others together to agree on how to make your street, neighbourhood or village wilder. We can help by providing training in community engagement; we will provide information and advice on actions you can take to green streets and community spaces.

More information

Find resources on how to set up your own Community Group. We've put together some resources and toolkits we think you'll find useful as you start your Team Wilder journey.

Resources and toolkits

Connect with Team Wilder members near you. By viewing the Team Wilder map, you can find other Team Wilder members near you. Put your name down and others will be able to see you, too. When there is a significant number of Team Wilder members in a specific area, Team Wilder will host an online Wilder Village Hall to bring members together and discuss opportunities of creating a Wilder Community Group. We're here to help you network and get you started on your wilder journey.

Connect with Team Wilder members near you