Unlocking Solent Secrets

Unlocking Solent Secrets

© Julie Hatcher

Our shores are known for their bustling beauty, but the waves beyond hide another wonder of nature. This underwater world is home to fascinating species and important habitats, but remains a mystery even to many coastal residents.

Through Secrets of the Solent, we're helping everyone discover the wonders in our waters. Whether we're raising awareness at events or teaming up with coastal businesses, our activities offer lots of ways to learn.

Pick up a local newspaper, magazine, or harbour guide and you might spot some of our wildlife information. If you're in a club or group that interacts with the marine environment you could enjoy a bespoke online wildlife talk - contact us for details.

We're also creating a short film highlighting our marvelous marine life and some of the pressures it faces. Look out for this snapshot of the sea at locations along our coasts later this year, or get in touch about showing it at your venue.

Spreading the word

We're working with local organisations to help more people to learn about our marine wildlife. Through training, technology, and interpretation, we're creating new ways to encounter the world under the waves.

Discover the deep

There's always more to learn about our mysterious marine world. We regularly share blogs and videos about the fascinating wildlife in our seas - why not dive in?