Solent seafood survey

Solent seafood survey

Mackerel © Toby Roxburgh/2020VISION

Do you live near the Solent? One of our Marine Champions would like to know about your seafood preferences as part of an MSc research project. Their results will also be used by the Secrets of the Solent team, and our evaluation partners Heritage Insider, to shape our celebration of sustainable fishing in the area.

By taking this survey, you'll be helping us to better understand the part seafood plays in the lives of local people. The survey should take around ten minutes to complete. You can find more information about the research project it forms part of in the participant information sheet.

Current seafood preferences

Do you eat seafood?
If yes, where do you eat it? (choose one or more)
When buying or eating seafood, how important do you consider the following? (1 = very important and 5 = not at all important)
Which seafood certification labels have you heard of? (choose one or more)

Solent seafood

Are you aware that there is a fishing industry in the Solent?
Would you try Solent clams, and if so how? (choose one or more)
Would you try Solent crabs, and if so how? (choose one or more)
Would you try Solent cuttlefish, and if so how? (choose one or more)
Would you try Solent slipper limpets, and if so how? (choose one or more)
Would you try Solent whelks, and if so how? (choose one or more)
What would encourage you to eat Solent seafood? (choose one or more)

About you

Please provide your details for our records. We will only contact you about the information you have provided in this survey, and only if you give your permision below. For more information on how your data will be used, please see the participant information sheet.
Are you happy to have a follow-up chat to talk about your views in more detail, as part of the MSc research project?
Are you happy to be contacted at a later date (before September 2022) to see if your knowledge or feelings have changed?