Lives of the Solent

Lives of the Solent

Cuttlefish mural in Portsmouth © Paul Gonella

Throughout human history the sea has been a source of inspiration. From Samuel Taylor Coleridge's melancholy mariner to J. M. W. Turner's churning surf, its fathomless depths give a sense of wonder, awe, and mystery.

Art can be a great way to connect with wildlife, and there are many ways to do this through our project Secrets of the Solent. We're bringing a hidden underwater world to life on land through murals, sculpture, textiles, and more.

We'll also be holding a photographic exhibition to share the stories of people who work on the water. As we capture them on camera, we'll explore how our incredible marine environment has shaped their lives on and off land.

This part of the project is still developing, but right now you can join in with our textiles initiative or explore our work with an inspiring local artist. We also love to see our vibrant marine life recreated in imaginative ways - why not get creative and send us a picture?