Wilder Communities: St Alban's School

Pollinator Kitchen at St Alban's Primary School

Schoolchildren at St Alban’s Primary School have banded together to make a buzz for pollinators.

The group started out by planting pollinator friendly plants within school grounds, but these ambitious youngsters soon wanted to expand into the local community. In no time at all they rallied parents, teachers, and even a local business to take part.

Participants are encouraged to put aside a square metre plot to grow plants that provide food and shelter for pollinating insects. The children’s motto is ‘Metre by metre let people know, metre by metre let pollinators grow!’, and between them, they have been doing just that.

The Pollinator Promise team has been providing participants with seeds harvested at the school, and encouraging people to send in updates and success stories. They have also shared some of their own experiences.

Reuben: “I have always loved pollinators but I couldn’t plant a 1 m x 1 m patch because my garden was mainly concrete. This is a problem many people come across. My dad had a great idea; he decided we should use old wooden crates, leftover from our house renovation, as planters. This was a great idea because not only did it help pollinators, it also recycled the wooden crates that would have otherwise been disposed of. I now have two 1 m x 1 m planters, filled with exotic plants. We have had a large amount of bees visiting our garden because of the planters.”

Olivia: "Pollinator Promise gave me a voice and started my passion for all things wildlife. I planted a patch because I love bees and gardening and it is a simple, yet effective, activity for the whole family. I have been involved with many presentations through my school, as well as inspired others to make promises and so lots of my time is devoted to wildlife and pollinators. My advice is: a little can go a long way, so do as much or as little as you wish, it will still add up to a big difference."

Ava: “Being outside, gardening, makes me feel relaxed and calm. It’s good for you and pollinators also produce our food. It’s not as hard as you think to help pollinators. I have a family plot in my back garden which my Mum, brother and Grandma use. It’s easy to make a patch - you do need to care for it but it’s fun doing it together.”

If you would like to get involved or find out more about the Pollinator Promise team at St Alban’s, please get in touch with them at Pollination1@st-albans.hants.sch.uk

Click here, if you would like to make a Pollinator Promise. 

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