Team Wilder: Gosport Wombles

The Gosport Wombles are tackling litter in their town

There are many community groups people already taking the lead on making their towns wilder, including the Gosport Wombles. In their own words, this is what they do.

Gosport Wombles

Early in 2018 a few of our 545 RunClub were discussing how much litter we see in hedgerows, gutters and on our beaches whilst running. A little research on social media revealed that there were lots of small groups quietly doing their bit to try to keep our town clean and protect our environment and waterways.

Gosport Wombles was born as an umbrella group, so that we could all join forces and invite others, such as the local council and their contractors, Urbaser, to work with us.

Collectively, we are all making a difference (and new friends) and feel that now is the time to tap into the public psyche before the planet is pushed too far.

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