Giving up Plastic for Lent: Week One

After a successful first week, Anna updates us on the challenges and triumphs of reducing her plastic use for Lent.

We have successfully completed 7 of the 40 days in Lent, although it feels like longer. I am very aware of all the actions I take which has slowed down the natural rush of life. Overall, it has been an enjoyable first week, with only a few difficulties.

The first problem I came across was in the category Shower & Soap: I have naturally thick, curly hair, which I keep long (pictured) and up until recently it has taken me years to find a shampoo and conditioner that work in my hair. A few months ago, I discovered a Lacura shampoo and conditioner that were anti-frizz, smelled delicious and made my hair feel great. However, they come in non recyclable plastic bottles, and considering the amount of shampoo and conditioner I get through (roughly a bottle a week), this needed to change!

Luckily, my mum’s great friend who works for HIWWT swooped in and came to the rescue. She recommended a website called Faith in Nature ( ) which sells hair, body and skin products in recyclable bottles which are made from recycled materials! Even better, the ingredients are all naturally derived and cruelty-free. Initially, I was sceptical that any of these products would work for my hair, but nevertheless I gave it a go. To my astonishment, it washed my hair as well as the Lacura shampoo did, and leaves my hair smelling divine. I swim regularly and washing chlorine out of hair as long and thick as mine is a challenge, so I was incredibly impressed! Also, you only need an amount the size of a 10p piece so it saves even more money and materials. This is a change that I will, without a doubt, keep after Lent.

The other main change that I have implemented this week is in the category of Food Transportation. My sister and I both bring lunch to school every day, and my mum brings lunch to work. Previously, we had all used rolls and rolls of cling film without thinking, but this week we all used pots or washable zip-lock bags. Frankly, I have barely noticed a difference as it is all just transportation, but in the long run we are saving money and the environment. 

I am looking forward to the coming week, and seeing what new challenges and opportunities I find!