We welcome people

We welcome people

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We welcome the involvement of people of all ages. We know that, unfortunately, many people are increasingly disconnected from the natural world around them.  This not only has a detrimental impact on health and wellbeing, but means that future generations may not value, care about or act to support our environment. 

Just by providing the right opportunities for people to experience and get closer to nature, we can have a very positive effect on those individuals and the world around them.

School children on a nature reserve visit © Paul Harris/2020VISION

School children on a nature reserve visit © Paul Harris/2020VISION

Creating a connection to nature  

We know that a strong connection with nature benefits our health and influences our behaviour. Each and every personal connection with nature is another stepping stone towards a wilder future, and research has shown that not only can a bond forged in childhood last a lifetime but that our level of nature connection can be shaped and developed throughout our lives. 

We know the importance of giving children the opportunity to play and learn outdoors. Inspiring children to be curious and interested in our amazing natural world can help to create a connection that will last a lifetime.

Alongside the joy of discovering nature, children benefit physically from the opportunity to be active outdoors. Going a bit wild - exploring, playing and taking small risks – is such as essential experience for children and can help build confidence and self-esteem.

We work with schools across Hampshire & the Isle of Wight and also provide Forest School sessions for groups of children.

Many of our activities, such as Wildlife Tots and Wildlife Watch are perfect for little people and their families to get into nature. 

Thanks to Southern Co-op, we're encouraging more people to get out and go wild in their on their doorstep through our Wilder Portsmouth project.

And our annual 30 Days Wild Challenge gives everyone an excuse to get out and do something Wild in June. 

Empowering others to take action

We can’t reverse the biodiversity and climate crisis and help nature’s recovery alone, which is why we recognise the importance of supporting and guiding others to take action. We have a programme of support and training for people who want to take the lead in their own communities, homes and workplaces. Find out more about how you can get involved.  

Teenager surveying for species at Milton Locks nature reserve

© Paul Gonella

Nurturing the next generation of wildlife warriors

It’s vital that we support and encourage young people with a passion for wildlife. We need to make sure that there is an army of environmentalists ready to take up the challenge of protecting and caring for our natural world.

Our Wildlife Ranger and Young Naturalist groups are the perfect places for young people to pursue their interest in nature to challenge themselves, try new things and meet other people.

Wherever possible we try to create opportunities for younger people to come and work with us and learn essential skills that can help them go on to a career in conservation. 

Laura Goble, Trainee Ecologist in 2016

Training new ecologists

Thanks to the generous support of two Wildlife Trust supporters, we have been able to run paid work placements to help young ecologists gain paid work experience and take their first step into a career in wildlife conservation.

Laura Goble, a recent trainee ecologist said: "I’ve assisted with surveys of protected species such as great crested newts, water voles, white-clawed crayfish, dormice and bats. I look forward to going to work every day and always learn something new whilst out and about. This placement has made me feel like I can make a real difference to wildlife conservation."

Through the Heritage Lottery Funded Woodland Apprentices scheme, we have also helped a group of young people to learn vital traditional crafts that they have used to support our conservation work on the Isle of Wight.

Opportunities to learn and discover

Every month we organise a host of fascinating events – everything from enjoying the dawn chorus to fungi forays. We also provide courses and training for adults where you can learn everything from how to identify and survey species to how to photograph them, and professional development training for teachers, health professionals and anyone interested in using nature with their groups or clients. Find an event or course near you today.


Young Naturalists

Aged 13-17 and love wildlife? Join our monthly meet-up at Blashford Lakes Nature Reserve. Get outdoors, learn practical skills, and discover all your wonderful local wildlife has to offer.

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Touching a tree © Matthew Roberts

Touching a tree © Matthew Roberts

A natural health system

The link between nature and good health is well recognised and we have seen first-hand the hugely therapeutic effect that nature can have. We offer opportunities for people to feel the benefits nature can bring throughout all our projects and programmes. Find out more about the Wildlife Trust’s research on why nature is good for us 

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