Watercress and Winterbournes survey

Watercress and Winterbournes development survey

Split level of the River Itchen © Linda Pitkin/2020 VISION

Watercress and Winterbournes is a landscape partnership which is celebrating and protecting the wildlife and heritage of our chalk streams. We're currently in our development phase, and are working closely with local communities to shape the partnership's activities. If you live in one of our catchment areas we'd love to hear your views - check the map below (click to enlarge) to see where you fit.

By taking this survey, you'll help us to improve our valuable chalk stream environments and explore the fascinating human histories that have shaped them. If you choose not to provide your contact details your answers will be completely anonymous. The survey should take around 10 minutes to complete.

Your chalk stream

How would you describe your chalk stream? (choose one or more)
How do you feel when you are by your stream? (choose one or more)
What do you do on or by your chalk stream? (choose one or more)
What are the biggest threats to your chalk stream? (choose one or more)

Water efficiency project

Through the project we want to encourage a wide range of people to think about where their water comes from and what effect this has on the local chalk streams. We are keen to involve schools and other groups in water efficiency challenges and testing water-friendly products.

Literary inspirations project

Watercress and Winterbournes includes plans for a Literary Inspiration project in its third year (2022). The project will include local events and activities which will celebrate local literary works featuring the chalk streams, whether that is the streams themselves, fisheries, natural history, watercress, or milling.

Key authors inspired by the area include Richard Adams (Watership Down) and Reverend Charles Kingsley (The Water Babies). We also want to encourage local people to produce their own literary masterpieces inspired by their local chalk stream heritage and will support this by running a literary competition for young people.

The project will culminate in a Headwaters literary festival weekend with lots of exhibitions and activities and readings and prize-giving involving the winners from the literary competition. 

Open Rivers scheme

We hope to develop a scheme where landowners would be encouraged to open up access to private stretches along local chalk streams on a few weekends each year for guided walks or organised visits (similar to the National Garden Scheme).

Grant scheme

We are looking to run a simple grant scheme, which would allow local schools and community groups to apply for resources to deliver their own local heritage projects. We are currently proposing to offer grants of up to £500.

These projects could include hosting photo exhibitions of local heritage, creating online information about local heritage, celebrating the local chalk stream, exploring local customs and traditions, or managing the chalk stream environment with volunteers and appropriate equipment.

A wide range of groups will be eligible to apply, including Women's Institutes, Men's Shed groups, U3A groups, heritage groups, and uniformed groups (e.g. Scouts and Brownies).