The Time is Now

The Time Is Now mass lobby

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The Wildlife Trusts and other environmental organisations are partnering with The Climate Coalition for a mass lobby for climate, nature and people. 

Nature has been in decline for too long. We must go beyond slowing the loss of wildlife, with strong new laws that turn away from just protection to bold restoration.

We are also on the brink of a climate emergency, with the impacts of climate change undeniable and unavoidable any longer. Its effects will be profound for both wildlife and people. 

What's more, this summer we have a chance to ensure that the government take bold action to end the UK's contribution to climate change, and introduce an ambitious Environment Bill for England.

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Why a mass lobby?

A mass lobby is a big event during which hundreds or even thousands of people meet their MP at Westminster at the same time.

Taking this action together - and ideally speaking with every MP in parliament - sends a clear message about why this issue is important, and what needs to be done about it.

For #TheTimeIsNow, we at Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust hope to coordinate groups travelling together by public transport, so that we can join what we hope will be the biggest ever event of this kind. 

Get involved

If you would like to join our group, please fill out the form below so that we can get in touch with you with details closer to the time:

Download the guide to the mass lobby, including travel information and how the lobby works:

The Time Is Now guide

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We’ve reached a point where our natural world is in critical condition and needs our help to put it into recovery.It’s not too late to bring our wildlife back, but we must act now.

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