Save our seas

Save our seas

Amazing oceans

Our local waters are unbelievably rich in wildlife - like exotic anemones, dazzling cuttlefish and superb seals - but they’re under threat and need or help.

But they also help us more than we know. They absorb vast quantities of harmful greenhouse gases, while releasing oxygen for us to breathe. They regulate the climate, and good bacteria in the sea help govern clouds and rainfall. Our coasts and seas play a central role in our nation’s history, identity, wealth and happiness.

Save our seas

However our amazing seas are in trouble – pollution, climate change, and unsustainable exploitation of the oceans mean that many species and habitats are in decline.

Even small actions can make a big difference – why not act for our seas today:

Plastic litter in our oceans

Plastic litter in our oceans © Shutterstock

Join the plastic revolution

Plastic poses a huge threat to wildlife, breaking down into smaller and smaller pieces - read more about how you can do your bit to reduce plastic waste.

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The Needles Lighthouse on the Isle of Wight

© Linda Priestley

Protections at sea

We’re leading a campaign for the government to recognise and protect marine sanctuaries off the Solent coast. Join our campaign for Marine Conservation Zones.

Act now
Shoresearch at Hillhead

© Amy Marsden

Collect data on local wildlife

Report your marine mammal sightings to us, or get involved in an intertidal survey as part of our Secrets of the Solent project.

Native oyster

Native oyster © Jon Oakley

Switch to sustainable seafood

Help our fish stocks recover by avoiding fish species that are in decline, and choosing those that have been caught in the least environmentally-harmful way. Or why not consider reducing the amount of fish you eat?