Wildlife Trust welcomes news on threatened Alton meadow

© E Marshall

We've welcomed the news that a developer must conduct a full environmental study if they intend to build on a wildlife-rich meadow near Alton

In the last 60 years, 97% of wildlife-rich meadows like these have disappeared from our countryside, as a result of neglect, agricultural use, and development. This has had a massive impact on the many species that rely on them - everything from butterflies to barn owls. 

Three years ago East Hampshire District Council granted the developer outline permission to build on former hospital site, with a more detailed application to follow. At the time it was opposed by many in the local community, Wildlife Trust, and others.

However following pressure from the passionate Preserve Treloar Meadows Campaign the council has decided to require the developer to assess what the environmental impact of their proposals will be, including the loss of wildlife in the meadow and nearby woodland. This will then be considered by councillors at the same time as the planning application.

A Wildlife Trust spokesperson said: “We welcome the news that the developer will need to collect data about and assess what the impact of their proposals will be, before their planning application will proceed.

“We remain concerned at the continual loss of sites rich in wildlife to facilitate more housing, and hope that this new study will ensure that the true value of this meadow is recognised.”

“This success is a testament to the local campaigners who’ve tirelessly championed the wildlife of Treloar meadow. We look forward to seeing the results of the surveys and will be commenting on the impacts of the proposals, when they are made available.”

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