Wildlife Trust response to the felling of trees used by starlings in Winchester

We respond to the felling of trees hosting a starling roost, near Winnall in Winchester

A Hampshire & Isle of Wight spokeperson said: “The decision to cut down the main roosting tree for the starlings at Winnall is disappointing and unhelpful. The spectacle of thousands of starlings swooping in unison is breath-taking at this time of year and the murmurations in the heart of the city have clearly captured the imagination of so many in recent weeks.

“While there may be some inconvenience from having a roost in your trees for a few weeks, it’s an important time for these birds as they gather together in our towns and cities for warmth and safety. The disturbance will put more pressure on the starlings at a time when food and energy are in short supply, and this move is so at odds with the Council’s wider aims of nurturing wild places and creating more opportunities for people to enjoy them.

“We hope that in the future they will embrace this natural showstopper and think about the bigger picture for how we can co-exist with nature in our communities.”