Wildlife Trust responds to Glover Review

Wildlife Trust responds to Glover Review

New report is published, setting out conclusions from the official review of England’s National Parks and Areas of Natural Beauty (AONB)

Responding to the Glover Review, Debbie Tann, CEO of Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, said: “Our National Parks should be amongst our country’s finest natural assets. But, as the review published today has concluded, ‘more must be done for nature’.

“With the growing recognition that our natural world is in real crisis, we want to see the New Forest and South Downs taking bold steps to restore wildlife - forming the foundations of our nature recovery network.

“The South Downs’ largely agricultural landscape currently fails to live up to its much wilder potential and the unique habitat of the New Forest is compromised daily by untenable recreational pressure. 

“It’s time to get to grips with this challenge and put nature’s recovery at the heart of our National Parks.”