Urgent funding of £22,570 needed for Blashford Lakes

Help us to unlock £225,000 for further improvements to Blashford Lakes

Blashford Lakes near Ringwood is one of our oldest and most beautiful nature reserves. The unique mix of habitats is home to a range of wildlife from kingfishers and otters to our famous great white egret, Walter.

We aim to create great habitats for wildlife and maintain the site for visitors, and we’re immensely proud of the work our team and volunteers have done to make Blashford Lakes a favourite with bird watchers from across the country and with the local community.

We always want to know if there is more we can do, so recently we asked visitors to the reserve what they thought. Comments included a need for more information about the wildlife on site, improved access and paths, more places to sit and further information on events and activities. We have already improved the access, but what about everything else? We want people to come and enjoy the wildlife we have worked so hard to protect, so what’s next?

Help us to unlock £225,000 for further improvements to Blashford Lakes

We have some incredibly exciting ideas for Blashford Lakes and today we want to ask if you could support our plans. Following a recent successful grant application, we have already secured a large proportion of the funds we will need to make improvements across the reserve. However, we need to raise £22,570 in matched funding by the end of the year to unlock this grant income — that’s where you come in. Could you make a donation today?

Over the next five months, with your support and grant funding, we will:

  • Replace our oldest bird hide – This will be a much bigger, more flexible space, overlooking the main lake and with a green roof that is perfect for pollinators. The new hide will provide panoramic views so you can get the best look at the lake’s wonderful wildlife.
  • Introduce another pond and build a sensory garden – these additions will provide vital new habitat for wildlife and more accessible pond dipping areas for visiting groups.
  • Provide a welcome hut and more seating – a new welcome hut will be manned by volunteers who will greet visitors and answer questions about the surrounding wildlife. We will also introduce more seating and picnic tables.
  • Add a new wildlife discovery trail and improved signage – we will create a new discovery trail with beautiful willow sculptures and chainsaw carvings for visitors to enjoy. New and improved signs will guide visitors and provide more information about the reserve’s wildlife.
  • Build a new elevated viewpoint – this will be beside the main car park to give panoramic views across Ibsley Water, ideal for viewing starling murmurations.

Please don’t let us miss out on this amazing opportunity

Blashford Lakes is such a special place and we want people to experience the huge variety of wildlife we have here. This funding could make a huge difference to the wildlife that calls the nature reserve home, as well as the people who visit. Please consider making a gift today.

Donate online or call 01489 774 400 to donate over the phone.