The Trust condemns hare coursing

The Trust support a robust response from the police when incidents of illegal hare coursing are reported

Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust exist to protect and care for wildlife in our two counties. We are dismayed by recent reports of hare coursing in the north of the county, which is not only illegal but will have a negative affect on hare populations which are already declining. At this time of year hares are more visible as it is the breeding season when hares 'box' and some will have young leverets.
Not only does hare coursing directly impact hares, but the activity disturbs other wildlife including ground nesting birds at a critical time of year. The illegal activity often involves trespass and criminal damage to crops and infrastructure, including fences, which in turn can lead to further problems and encourages anti-social behaviours on areas important to wildlife. We support a robust response from the police when dealing with this, and all other aspects of wildlife crime.
If you are aware of hare coursing activity please make sure to report the incident to the police by phoning 999 - never approach them yourselves.