Team Wilder Champions to help make private gardens wilder

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The Trust has launched a new programme where our volunteers give free gardening advice to local residents in order to help them make more space for nature.

Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust has launched a new programme to give free gardening advice to local residents in order to help them make more space for nature.

We are in the midst of an ecological crisis. Since 1970, 41% of the UK’s species declined with 1 in 7 species at risk of extinction (State of Nature, 2019). Habitat destruction through land development and increased fragmentation is the main cause of this decline. Urgent action is needed to reverse these declines.

Back in January, the Wildlife Trust launched Team Wilder, a Trust led programme that encourages individuals and community groups to take action for nature by providing them with the resources and skills they need as well as connecting them with other like-minded people across the two counties.

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As part of Team Wilder, there are Wilder Champions and Leaders, people who help encourage and empower other individuals, community groups, schools, and businesses to become wilder. This week, the Trust presented its first Wilder Garden Champions, a group of passionate gardeners with many years of experience who will volunteer their time to provide expert advice to anyone wishing to bring nature back to their homes, no matter how big their garden is, and regardless of whether they have a garden at all!

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Just imagine what you could do with your space

Marianne Lotter-Jones, Wilder Events and Campaigns officer, says “It’s a great time for our Wilder Garden Champions to start offering people advice on making space for nature as interest in gardening has never been higher. At the peak of lockdown restrictions, the UK saw record numbers of people turning to gardening as a new hobby and a way to relax. Offering consultations now, also means that people can start planting in the autumn, the perfect time of year to prepare your garden for the spring. We cannot wait to see what people plant for next year.”

How does the gardening consultation work?

Click on this link...

... and you’ll be directed to fill in a form to provide your details and what sort of help you would like with your garden, patio, or balcony. The Trust will then pair you up with a Wilder Garden Champion and arrange your consultation. It’s completely free of charge and the consultations are all done over the phone to minimise any risk of spreading corona virus.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your garden and home wilder today.