Portsmouth MP tackles ‘beach clean’ to highlight litter problem

© Lianne de Mello

Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan joined the local Wildlife Trust on Southsea beach to do a mini ‘beach clean’ and highlight the problem of litter

Many conservation organisations and campaign groups encourage people to spend a few minutes picking up litter that’s been washed up or left on our beaches, to prevent harm to wildlife and people. It’s estimated that UK beaches have on average over 2000 pieces of litter per kilometre stretch. Plastic items, which break down into smaller and smaller pieces, and enter the food chain, usually make ups over half of our beach litter.

Local volunteers organise a monthly beach clean on Southsea beach, usually on the first Saturday of the month. For more information and the next date, visit: Southsea Beachwatch's Facebook page.

Stephen Morgan MP and Debbie Tann doing a beach clean on Southsea beach

Stephen Morgan MP said: “It was great to visit Southsea Beach with the local Wildlife Trust to hear more about the problem of litter on our beaches. I was shocked by just how much we found in a matter of minutes and would encourage everyone in Portsmouth to get out and do their bit in cleaning up our city’s fantastic coast’.

Debbie Tann, HIWWT Chief Executive said: “Litter in our oceans and on our beaches is a real threat to both wildlife and people. Plastic is a particular problem, as it never really degrades and instead breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, affecting fish, seabirds and marine mammals. Every piece of litter collected is a step towards cleaning up our amazing marine environment.”