Improvement works at Fishlake Meadows

© Tony Wright

If you're planning a visit to Fishlake Meadows in the next two months, please be aware that improvement works are taking place.

The barge canal footpath at Fishlake Meadows nature reserve will be closed for two months while improvement works take place. The car park will also be closed during this time.

The affected stretch of path runs from the canal path just south of Fishlake Meadows Road, to the concrete bridge where the footpath from Cuppernham Lane enters the reserve. The closure has been granted by Hampshire County Council.

We are widening the footpath to 1.5 metres, adding passing points and resurfacing the path to make it easier for visitors to enjoy the reserve’s rich wildlife, even in the muddy winter months. The works will begin at the beginning of August, and should be complete by late September.

If you have any questions regarding the works please contact Reserves Officer Joanna Iddenden on 07825 213392 or Thank you for your patience.

Fishlake Meadows Temporary Path Closure