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Isle of Wight Needles

Isle of Wight Needles © Linda Priestley

Isle of Wight Public Greenspaces Project

It is more important than ever that people are able to connect with nature through their local spaces. The Isle of Wight Public Green Spaces Project supported by Southern Co-op is helping us to understand how local residents use their public green space.

Take part in our research to help us understand how we can improve YOUR public green space for people and wildlife.  If you are a resident of any of the towns below click on your town to give us your thoughts, or fill out our questionnaire. 

Get involved

Fill out our questionnaire to tell us about....

  • What wildlife have you seen and where.
  • What spaces you do use and why.
  • What spaces you DON’T use and why.
  • What you'd like your local Wildlife Trust to help with to make improvements to your local spaces for people and nature.

Fill out our questionnaire

Use our interactive maps to tell us more about your area. Click on your local town below.

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