Blashford decorate a willow wreath

Willow wreath © T Standish

Decorate a Willow Wreath

Self-led activity creating a natural decoration in time for Christmas!

Event details

Meeting point

Welcome Hut by Education Centre


Between 10am and 3.30pm
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About the event

Pick up a willow wreath from the table by the Welcome Hut then head off on the mile long circular 'Wild Walk' loop in search of natural items to decorate it with - you could use leaves, bracken, grasses, seed heads or twigs.

Bundles of wool are available on the tree next to the table, these contain six short pieces for tying items on to the wreath (you may also be able to tuck items in between the pieces of willow) and one longer piece to use as a hanging loop. To cover the whole of the loop you will need more than one bundle - we are happy to take back anything you don't use!

Buckets containing additional materials are available by the table, you are welcome to take two or three items to add to your wreath if you wish.

You are welcome to make your donation for the wreath and take it away to decorate it with items from your garden instead.

After you have finished with your wreath, the wool can be re-used and the items can be put back outside in a garden where they will break down. The willow wreath will dry and change colour, but if stored somewhere dry it will last and could be used again next year and the year after. 

Willow wreaths are available whilst stocks last, please collect responsibly and have fun!


Phone number

01425 472760

Suggested donation

Suggested donation £3 - £5 per wreath: can be made by cash in the green donations box on the fence in front of the Education Centre or by card using the contactless pay terminal by the Welcome Hut.

Suitable for

Families, Adults, Beginners

Know before you go


No dogs permitted


The circular 'Wild Walk' loop is pushchair and wheelchair friendly 

What to bring

Please dress for the weather on the day and wear suitable footwear

Parking information

Please park at the Education Centre


Accessible toilet

Contact us

Jim Day or Tracy Standish
Contact number: 01425 472760