Discover nature on your doorstep

Discover nature on your doorstep

Martin de Retuerto loves nothing more than sharing his passion for wildlife with his two young children. Last year, 30 Days Wild gave him the perfect opportunity to do so.

So what is 30DaysWild actually about? Simply put, it’s about random acts of wildness. It’s a friendly challenge to make every day wild.

With so much to see in June this can be a little overwhelming, and in the first year I probably started with the same mind set that many others do, thinking that we needed to go somewhere to go wild. But last year 30 Days Wild suddenly became so much simpler.

I realised that my garden was the perfect amphitheatre for so much activity and in a place where my children were at the heart of new and unexpected wildlife experiences. If you have a garden or access to immediate green space watch carefully and you will realise that you may have a microcosm for the wider countryside. Equally, being able to step into our gardens can provide the immediate stress buster that we need each day.

I have two young boys and their interest in wildlife is very different. Most of the time my eldest seems to be humouring his nerdy dad while the youngest shows an innately inquisitive nature for anything that moves. What brings them together is their enjoyment for the outdoors and the green back drop that creates so much scope for adventure. For me this is where 30 Days Wild easily starts. It involves playing hide and seek in the hedges, climbing trees or their absolute favourite – sticky weed fights!

In fact June last year was rather special, with new experiences for all. I never expected to find a honeybee swarm suddenly appear in my compost bin. Being able to view close up the behaviour and engineering feat of the colony as they, within days, assembled several layers of honeycomb was one of my wildlife highlights of all time and drew genuine amazement from my boys.

Unexpected has become the inspiration for us and with birds being a generally easy group to watch and cater for where on earth did a female mallard come from this year? We’re not particularly near a river but Frieda as we named her set up a nest and added another marvel, yet with more access restriction to the garden. All chicks seemingly hatched and moved on with mum.

The list of encounters and new ideas to add to the 30DaysWild tick list continues to grow and it has definitely given me more motivation to discover more and see what we can attract into the garden.

So this 30DaysWild, do visit great places, but why not keep it close to home as well. You might find everything you’re looking for!