Team Wilder: Sandown Green Town Volunteers

Sandown on the Island has year-round colour thanks to its dedicated task force.

Volunteer groups across Hampshire and Isle of Wight are giving their time to making their towns wilder, including the Sandown Green Town Volunteers. In their own words, this is what they do.

Sandown Green Town - flowerbed

For the past three years we have been introducing and encouraging wildlife in planters, troughs and flowerbeds across Sandown. Unlike many tourist resorts which leave beds bare and dead throughout the winter months, we aim to create year-round colourful, sustainable displays that improve our public open spaces for both people and wildlife.

There is a movement in Sandown to reintroduce native coastal plants across the area and the Sandown Green Town Volunteers incorporate plants such as sea-holly, thrift and sea campion in our wild spaces. We also make good use of bird-friendly and bee-friendly plants such as alliums, lavender, thyme and millet.

Discreetly displayed old tree stumps and branches provide homes for insects, and we are delighted that the Isle of Wight Council has agreed to incorporate ‘bee tubes’ in the new retaining walls.

Our regular litter picks have proved popular with people across the town and are raising awareness about the difference we can all make by what we choose to do... or not do!

Wilder Future team walking into sunset

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