Pass on something wonderful

It’s Remember a Charity Week, and Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust is asking you to think about changing the world with your Will.

This year’s theme is “Pass on Something Wonderful”, and harks back to the hit BBC television show Points of View. This is one of the longest standing shows on TV and has been giving people a voice on television programming since 1961. Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust came into being in the same year, but focused instead on giving a voice to local wildlife.

Since the early sixties much has changed; both the hairstyles of the presenters and the fortunes of local wildlife, and there have been many successes. For example, otters were all but extinct from our waterways, but they are now returning to their former haunts and finding new and improved homes on local nature reserves, such as Winnall Moors in Winchester. Since its early days the Trust has increased the amount of land it owns, and now manages 11,517 acres (over 5,758 football pitches) for wildlife. 

But while nature is protected on these valuable sites, this is not always reflected in the wider landscape. Many species and habitats are struggling to find space to thrive outside nature reserves and are threatened by climate change, development and intensive agriculture. To combat this, the Trust is looking to extend its influence away from the borders of its nature reserves and ensure a better future for wildlife across the whole region.

Steph Watson, Senior Fundraising Officer at Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust said:

“Since the earliest days of the Trust’s existence, gifts left to us in Wills have made a huge difference to our work. They have made it possible for us to add to the land that we manage for local wildlife, as well as improve the skills and resources needed to stand up for nature both on and off our nature reserves.

We are hugely grateful to all the generous individuals who have left gifts to local wildlife over the years. By investing in a wilder future for those that come after them, they have helped ensure that our beautiful local wild spaces and the wildlife that depends on them are protected long into the future.

We know that we can, and must, do more to reverse the declines we are seeing in the wider landscape. We are asking more people to consider also investing in that wilder future by leaving a gift in their Will”

Are you interested in investing in a Wilder future?

A number of Solicitors have teamed up with Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust to offer FREE or discounted Will writing services in October. Find out more and register your interest at

Participating solicitors are Forest Edge and Meesons Solicitors (Ringwood), Footner & Ewing LLP (Totton) and Wheelers Solicitors (Newport).