Loungers in aid of wildlife

Loungers Charity design - Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust © Loungers Clothing

Last week we launched a new partnership with Loungers Clothing. The Hampshire-based business produces ethical, sustainable, brushed cotton lounge trousers. Together we have designed a limited-edition pair of loungers in aide of wildlife.

We’re so excited to be working with Hampshire-based company Loungers Clothing. The lounge trousers that they’ve designed in our brand colours are fabulous and because they’ve used our colours to perfectly complement our Wilder t-shirts. Partnerships like this are really important in helping us to generate not just funding but awareness too – helping us reach more people to bring them on nature’s side. 

We caught up with business owners Karen and Deborah to find out what inspired them to want to support the Trust and create their Wilder Lounge Trousers….

“We have been friends for many years and living in rural Hampshire we are both passionate about wildlife and the natural world. To think that Britain today is now one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world with more than one in seven species facing extinction is awful and this isn’t the future we want for our children. We knew when we started the company that we wanted to create a product that was ethical and used packaging materials that are recycled and recyclable. So that’s what we did!

 “We produce ethical, sustainable, brushed cotton lounge trousers that are designed for just that - lounging. The labels on our Loungers are made from seed paper and discarded cotton fibres. They are impregnated with six varieties of seeds, which when grown will attract butterflies, bees, and other pollinating insects. Our iconic buttons are made from natural corozo (a type of nut), not plastic, a material which enables farmers in Equador to sustain their forests, not cut them down.

“The company was still in its infancy when we attended a presentation given by Alison Cross, at the time a member of staff from Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust. Alison demonstrated how small actions can have great outcomes for nature and she was a real inspiration to us. We always knew that we wanted to collaborate and partner with organisations that shared our values and following that presentation, we knew that Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust needed to be one of the organisations we work with.

“We decided then and there that we wanted to be a part of Team Wilder - we wanted to take action for nature and help wildlife to thrive to in our home county and beyond. Working with the team at the Trust, we designed a pair of limited-edition, organic cotton lounge trousers that uses their brand colours and are perfect for either cosying up to watch wildlife from your window or relaxing in after a day out in nature. Plus, for every pair of Wilder Loungers sold, we’ll be donating £10 for every adult pair or £5 for every child pair to support Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust and protect the wild places we love

“The Trust is right; our future must be wilder. We really hope that by working with them we can support their vision for a Wilder Hampshire and Isle of Wight.”

If you have been inspired by Karen and Deborah’s story and would like to find out how you and your business can join Team Wilder, please get in touch with corporates@hiwwt.org.uk


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