Five ways to get festive as a family

©Lianne de Mello

The Christmas holidays are a fantastic time to explore the natural world with children. So wrap up warm and head out for a wintry adventure with our five ways to have festive outdoor fun as a family!

One of the best things about the great outdoors is how much it changes with the seasons. The park or woodland you enjoyed in summer will show you a whole different side during the winter months.

This makes the Christmas holidays a great time to get out into nature, especially for curious young ones. Here are five ways to have fun outdoors as a family this festive period!

1. Take a sensory walk

Wild places are a delight for all the senses, and letting children explore with more than just sight is a great way to teach them about nature. Encourage them to listen for bird songs, feel the texture of tree bark, and smell winter flowering plants to build a sensory map of each place you visit.

2. Flex your green fingers

When the weather gets cooler it’s easy to forget about our gardens, but before the first frost you still have time to plant spring flowering bulbs. If you have an outdoor space with pots or beds, let children plant tulips or daffodils and wait for a colourful payoff come spring time.

3. Feed the birds

Our feathered friends could use a boost this time of year. The old classic of throwing bread into ponds can actually pollute the water, so instead spread defrosted peas, dry lentils, or porridge oats on the ground and watch to see what comes to visit.

4. Get creative

Arts and crafts aren’t just for indoors - Wildlife Watch have lots of brilliant activities to try, from crafting a pine snow globe to building a miniature nature reserve. The illustrated instructions are free to download and easy to follow together.

5. Go on an adventure

Looking for something a bit different? We offer lots of outdoor learning and fun for families, giving children the chance to make new friends while reconnecting with nature. With activities ranging from themed walks to campfire cookery, you’re sure to find something that takes your fancy.