Autumn Woodlands

© Bob Chapman

The woodlands are transforming; green leaves are starting to take on fiery shades, while bursts of red and purple berries and shiny brown acorns punctuate the canopy. Visit a woodland near you and experience the onset of autumn…

Swanwick Lakes Nature Reserve

Visit Swanwick Lakes nature reserve, near Fareham, and discover a beautiful oasis for nature in an otherwise urban area. The mixture of woodland, lakes and meadows attracts a great variety of birds and mammals. In the autumn, you can see the gold-coloured birch trees reflected in deep green lakes, and fungi erupting from the woodland floor.

Roydon Woods Nature Reserve

Roydon Woods nature reserve is an impressive patchwork of wildlife rich habitats, including grassy meadows and ancient copses of conifer and hazel. Listen for the eerie whistling of the silka stag, and lose yourself the magic of this enchanting ancient woodland.

Chappetts Copse Nature Reserve

This serene, ancient woodland near West Meon is home to a fantastic variety of rare plants and fungi. Look down at the woodland floor, and notice the small wonders of the natural world. Beneath the ash trees lives a healthy population of dormice – they are busy fattening themselves up before going into hibernation for the winter.

Pamber Forest Nature Reserve

Pamber Forest nature reserve, near Tadley, is spectacular in the autumn with its purple haze of heather and trees turning red and gold. The forest is over 800 years old, and many of its oak trees have been standing for centuries. The reserve is home to many trees and plants only found in ancient woods, such as crab apple and wild service tree.