Picturing a Wilder Wight

Picturing a Wilder Wight

At the end of March, around 150 people came together to debate what a Wilder Wight should look like.

During the event, talented 'visual minuter', Sam Church, captured the ideas from the audience as well as the highlights from our brilliant speakers:

Debbie Tann, CEO Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust; Jamie Marsh, reserves manager for the Isle of Wight; Derek Gow, conservationist and expert on species reintroduction: and Charlie Burrell, re-wilding pioneer and creator of the incredible Knepp Wildland.

Thank you to those who came along and shared your thoughts and enthusiasm.  Your ideas will help us shape our strategy and we look forward to working with you all to create a wilder future for the Island. 

We know that there were many people who wanted to be part of this discussion but weren't able to (as the event was fully booked).  We really want to continue the conversations and hope to hold more events soon!

If you'd like to know more or have your own thoughts on what a wilder Wight could look like, please contact wilder@hiwwt.org.uk