Waste of Space case study: Purver's Patch

Waste of Space case study: Purver's Patch

Purver’s Patch was a badly overgrown area, with litter caught up in the many brambles and ivy around. There was also an old caravan on the patch with smashed windows and even more rubbish inside. All in all, it was an abandoned, unloved area – a typical Waste of Space - but local residents saw its potential.

Purvers Patch in Wherwell, Andover was identified by Team Wilder community group, Greener Villages, as a Waste of Space. 

Waste of Space: Purver’s Patch

Purver’s Patch was a badly overgrown area, with litter caught up in the many brambles and ivy around. There was also an old caravan on the patch with smashed windows and even more rubbish inside. All in all, it was an abandoned, unloved area – a typical Waste of Space - but local residents saw its potential.  

The Community Group takes action:  

Greener Villages, a Wilder Community Group, and Wherwell Parish Council sent around a survey to households in the immediate neighbourhood of Purvers Patch, to ask if anyone was interested in volunteering for the project.  

Interested individuals were then invited to a Zoom meeting where they discussed what their ideas were and what / how everyone could contribute to the project. For 12-year-old Ethan and Sparsholt College student, Joe, the project struck a chord with them, and they paired up to take the lead in this endeavour. 

View of purvers patch - overgrown brambles and abandoned building

© Susanne Hasselmann

Planning the transformation: 

The survey that was sent round to local residents also asked what they would like to see (and not see) on the plot of land. At the working group meeting, further discussions were had to take the survey results into account and to discuss how they could transform the space into a calming space where people could relax. Ethan and Joe then worked together to draw up the plans for what the space would look like and have incorporated wildflower areas, a pond, and birdboxes. 

Computer design of what purvers patch will look like

© Greener Villages

Finding support:  

Greener Villages is fully supported by Wherwell Parish Council with one of the Councillors on its Steering group. However, the group is run independently from the Council with volunteers of all ages from the village. The group also receives some support from a local company, Scirum. 

Challenges faced:  

There’s a lot of chalk around Purver’s Patch, and not a lot of soil that can be used for gardening which the group have had to work around when carrying out their plans. They’re looking into sourcing topsoil which might come at a cost. 

Purver’s Patch - what it looks like now: 

Ethan and Joe with the support from the rest of Greener Villages, have now cleared away the brambles and removed the caravan, and are now preparing to implement their plan.  

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