A Greener Future for our Villages

Team Wilder's local villages in the Test Valley are coming together to take community action to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss.

It started with some like minded locals around someone’s kitchen table and now, after a packed out inaugural event in October 2019, a number of villages in the Test Valley are taking action to secure the future of our communities.

Over the course of the next 18 months, the group behind ‘A Greener Future for Our Villages’ will be running a series of events, talks and sharing information to push forward action in the areas of Waste, Food, Biodiversity, Transport, Energy and Water. Working to create opportunities to recycle more plastics, food share and re‐wild gardens amongst a number of other areas.

Members of the Test Valley group enjoying nature walk in November

Pictured: A. Taylor, Julia Booth, Alexandra Booth, and Charlotte Booth

© Susanne Hasselmann


The hope is that not only will this have an effect on the Test Valley villagers’ impact on the environment, but it will also encourage neighbours to engage and meet others they wouldn’t have normally spoken to in the day to day demands of normal village life. The group organised a walk in November from the village of Wherwell to Andover which was a fantastic opportunity to get some exercise, explore the local walking route to Andover and meet new people. They are now hoping to put in place a regular walk for people within the local communities.

Why is community action key to tackling the challenges of climate change? We can help support each other to make those much‐needed changes to the ways in which we all consume energy, produce waste and protect our local biodiversity. Finding ways to work together is vital if we are to adapt to the environmental threats we are currently facing and leave a sustainable legacy for our children and our children’s children.

In the words of Sir David Attenborough: ‘What we do in the next few years, will determine the next few thousand years.’

Follow the group’s progress on Facebook and Instagram under ‘Greener Villages’ or email ccaction@scirum.co.uk

Dates for the diary:

  • January ‐ March: Waste
    • 1st March Greener Villages: Grow Wilder project launch  (3-5pm) at Chilbolton Village Hall. Susan Simmonds from the HIWWT will be joining villagers to discuss the Wildlife Recovery Network and gardening for wildlife.
  • April ‐ June: Biodiversity
  • July ‐ September Food and Water
  • October ‐ December Transport
  • January ‐ March 2021 Energy


Gemma Regniez

Wilder Future team walking into sunset

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