Fridays for Future - A view from the latest youth strike for climate in Portsmouth

Jenni Jones, Marine Champion and volunteer, took to the streets of Portsmouth with people of all ages to call for a wilder future.

Inspired by 16 year old Greta Thunberg, hundreds of people turned out at Portsmouth’s Guildhall Square to demand action against the climate crisis. Interest is growing: this is the third event that’s been held in Portsmouth, and the best attended yet. The dozens of schoolchildren taking part in the Youth Strike for Climate were joined by students from the University of Portsmouth, as well as conservation organisations, local Councillors and community groups.

young people on climate strike, Portsmouth

These were not just kids taking a cheeky day off school – they’re eloquent, well-informed and care deeply about the future of our planet. The general vibe was worried but optimistic – a feeling that rubbed off on the rest of us! It’s impossible to lose hope when you see so many people coming together, talking about positive action, positive change.

Between the singing and speeches, I had the chance to talk to people about our Wilder Hampshire & Wight campaign, which was really well received. We talked about seas and trees, plastic pollution and cleaner air, hedgehog highways and bee corridors...the list goes on!

The creativity, passion and wisdom of the next generation is a sight to behold! If this is what our future looks like, then I’m just a little bit more optimistic than I was this morning.