Sightings week ending 25 Mar 2018

Sightings week ending 25 Mar 2018

Curlew © Darin Smith

Feeling like Spring finally!

Lots of nice stuff around this week at Farlington. Spoonbill and Garganey seem like permanent features. The spoony is hanging around the scrape and the long central ditch line in the middle of the marsh. The garganey is as elusive as ever and frustratingly preferring the scrape again.

Velvet Scoter and Scaup have been hanging around off the point in the harbour. Nice little spot. We’ve been working out in the marsh a couple of days this week so apologies for the disturbance.

When we were out there Thursday there must have easily been 200 Shelduck roosting and similar PintailCurlew are still numerous and approximately 1000 Brents still loitering.

All the usual elsewhere. The reptiles are starting to creep above ground. Grass snakeswere seen at Swanwick this week in the sunnier spells. No common lizards yet but shouldn’t be long. Should see a butterfly or two soon as well. Chiffs are starting to sing and we should see the first of the proper migrants in soon.