Five ways to help wildlife this winter

Five ways to help wildlife this winter

Redpoll © Bob Coyle

Winter can be a tough time for wildlife. Here are some quick and simple ways to help.

1. Feed the birds

During the winter it can be difficult for birds to find food. Berries and seeds have begun to rot, and many insects are hidden beneath frozen earth. A well-stocked bird feeder could a lifeline for your feathered friends. Vine House Farm Bird Food has an excellent selection of bird food and feeders, and 4% of every sale goes to the Wildlife Trusts.

2. Look out for pond life

If you have a pond in your garden, try not to let it freeze over. Toxic gases can build up in the water beneath the ice, which may kill fish and amphibians hibernating in the bottom. If it does freeze over, gently melt the ice by placing a hot pan on the top - don’t break the ice with force or pour boiling water onto it, as this can harm wildlife beneath the surface.

3. Leave rotten wood 

Leave a pile of wood in a corner of your garden to provide shelter for over wintering insects like the lovely ladybird. Bigger piles are ideal homes for larger creatures heading in to hibernation, like hedgehogs.

4. Provide fresh water for thirsty animals

Even though it’s cold outside, wild animals still need to drink and bathe, just as they would in the summer. One free simple way you can help wildlife is by providing a clean source of drinking water every day.

5. Join Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

By becoming a member of Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, you enable us to carry out vital conservation work in the local area.  Find out more about how you can become a member.