Discover a winter wonderland

Refresh your senses and explore the great outdoors this Christmas.

The fire is glowing. You’ve eaten your own weight in turkey. The Grinch has discovered the true meaning of Christmas for the fifth time today, and you feel yourself slipping into sofa-y oblivion. A waft of warm pudding rouses you, and so the cycle continues.

Perhaps it’s the perfect day. But after a week or so, you may start to feel like the pudding you love so well, and that’s no way to start the New Year! Break the cycle and discover a winter wonderland near you…

  • Refresh your senses and go on festive wildlife hunt. Who will be the first to hear woodpeckers drumming, see starlings gathering, or spot the unmistakeable red berries of a holly tree?
  • Visit one of our magnificent winter wonderlands like Lower Test Nature Reserve near Totton or Farlington Marshes Nature Reserve near Portsmouth. Watch the overwintering wildfowl make themselves at home – some have flown here all the way from Siberia!
  • Play poohsticks – play with friends or family on a bridge over a river. Collect a stick for each person of similar size and weight, but make sure they look different so you can recognise them. Drop the sticks on the upstream side of the bridge, then turn around to the other side and see whose stick arrives first. Endless fun for everyone!
  • Unleash your inner explorer and look out for wintry animal tracks and signs – pine cones that have been stripped by hungry squirrels, animal fur caught on fences and footprints in mud, sand or snow.
  • Bring joy to the natural world and help our feathered friends through the cold weather. Keep feeders well stocked, and provide fresh water for birds and other animals (don’t forget to check it isn’t frozen each morning!).