Big Wild Weekend Activity Booklet

30 Days Wild 2019 © Gemma Paul

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Fill in the form below and choose from 3 activity packets that best suit your Big Wild Weekend plans. 

We usually host our own events for people across Hampshire and Isle of Wight to take part in, but as things are a little different this year, we’ve put together 3 activity packets for you to choose from so you can design and plan your own Big Wild Weekend at home, knowing that thousands of other individuals and families will be celebrating right alongside you.  


‘’He lives in a house, a very big house in the country’’

Do you want to plan an extra Big Wild Weekend jam packed with a music festival, a garden party wonderland, and a Wild Sunday brunch?

Wildlife gardening © Tom Marshall


‘’Our house in the middle of the street’’

Is your Big Wild Weekend full of exploring nature outside and spending the evenings showing off your wildlife trivia in a quiz?

Foxglove © Clive Chatters


‘’Hot town, summer in the city’’

Have you planned a Big Wild Weekend baking wildlife shaped biscuits and relaxing on the sofa with David Attenborough on the telly?

Urban bee © Paul Hobson

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