Wildlife Watch & Tots

The Local Nature Club For Families and Young People

Wildlife Watch & Tots are for families and young people that want to get out and about and be more involved with nature. This can be through local Watch groups that run nature based activity events, using the fun and informative website or by collecting the Wildlife Watch Awards!

Wildlife Watch & Tots Groups

Wildlife Watch & Tots Groups are run by registered volunteers, within a framework of child welfare and safety. Parents are welcome to join in most events. All Wildlife Watch activity is underpinned by five principles:

  • Creating factual, informal, fun ways to investigate our surroundings
  • Increasing understanding of our whole environment
  • Fostering awareness and feeling for the world we live in
  • Encouraging a caring attitude towards wildlife and participation in conservation
  • Ensuring that young people's environmental concerns, ideas and opinions are recognised and developed, and opportunities created to act upon them

Find your nearest Wildlife Watch / Tots group below.


Wildlife Watch activities range from nature hunts to woodwork and are suitable for families with children aged 5 - 15, Wildlife Tots activities are for under 5's and have a different fun theme each time - you don't have to be a member to attend the events.

Head to our What's On pages to find upcoming Wildlife Watch, Wildlife Tots or Family events including details of the themed activities, location and how to book.

Events for January to March 2018 can be found here

Wildlife Watch Awards

The Wildlife Watch awards encourage children to get involved with wildlife through fun activities and challenges that are suitable for all ages. Once the award has been completed a certificate will be sent and the award winner will receive an award badge for their online profile. Visit the Wildlife Watch website for more details.


What do Wildlife Watch members get?

  • The Wildlife Watchers Handbook - 60 pages of activities and ideas for things to do, photos & info on UK wildlife
  • 4 Wildlife Watch Magazines a year filled with news, puzzles, competitions & a fantastic free poster
  • A diary covering a year of local events for families and children.
  • Wildlife stickers
  • Wildlife Watch awards information sheet
  • A member's folder to keep it all in

How To Join

Joining is simple, you can do so by Online Direct Debit or calling us on 01489 774400:

  • Stand alone Wildlife Watch Membership, for £18 per year for up to four children of the same household (up to 15 years of age)
  • Family Membership of Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, for £54 per year, includes the Wildlife Watch membership and 3 copies of the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Magazine.

Find Your Local Wildlife Watch / Tots Group



If there isn't a group near you, how about setting up a new one with some friends? Visit our Volunteer pages for more information on how we can help you start your own group.