How we are funded

Orchids and Cowslips by Mark HeighesOrchids and Cowslips by Mark Heighes

We are delighted to work in partnership with a wide range of supporters, partners and funders.

As a charity, we very much rely on the generosity of people like you to support our work. Our funding comes from a variety of sources including individuals though membership subscriptions, gifts in wills and donations.

We are also supported by community organisations and a wide range of corporate supporters, including our corporate Wildlife Investors.

We have been successful in securing funds from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Big Lottery, Landfill Tax Community Funds and charitable trusts and foundations.

We are grateful to everyone who makes our work possible. Thank you.

We receive two types of funding restricted (for specific projects) and unrestricted (for the ongoing delivery of our charitable objectives). We draw on a variety of funding sources to cover the costs of conservation projects, education and awareness work, and managing our network of nature reserves.

Unrestricted Income

This type of income is extremely important because the Trust can use it wherever the need is greatest to help protect local wildlife. Sources of unrestricted income include:

  • Membership subscriptions from more than 27,500 individuals and over 50 local businesses
  • Gifts in Wills
  • General donations
  • Corporate support from our Wildlife Investors

Restricted Income

The Trust also receives income from grant funders, public bodies and partner organisations that is related to the delivery of specific projects. Sources of restricted funding include:

  • Heritage Lottery Fund / Big Lottery
  • Natural England
  • Environment Agency
  • Local Authorities

Restricted income is becoming more difficult to secure, in part due to cuts in public sector funding but also because of increased competition. This is increasing our reliance on unrestricted income to continue to fund our charitable activities.



Expenditure on charitable activities (conservation, education and membership) was £3,256,243, representing 88% of the total resources expended. We work hard to keep our administration and running costs to a minimum.

Expenditure 2015-16

Annual Report

You can read more about our performance for the year, find out more about our structure, detailed accounts of our financial activity as well as our plans for the future in our annual report.