Our Strategy

Noar Hill by Ian Cameron-ReidNoar Hill by Ian Cameron-R

Putting nature back at the heart of our way of life  

- Our mission is to create living landscapes and living seas. 
- Our Vision is that our landscapes, both rural and urban, and our seas, are rich in wildlife and valued by everyone. 

Wild and natural landscapes sustain us in so many ways. We care passionately about wildlife for both its intrinsic value but also the value that it provides through ‘ecosystem’ services, offering benefits to our health and wellbeing as well as the economy.

However, nature is in trouble with 60% of studied species in decline in the UK, and the habitats that support our precious wildlife species are small, isolated and fragmented. Without natures recovery we will not be able to realise the benefits that it can bring to not only the economy but to all of our lives.

Therefore, we will protect and enhance our best wildlife sites and seek opportunities to create a joined-up ecological network to reduce the effects of fragmentation.

We also aim to reverse the trend of people becoming less connected with nature and through our strategy we will engage more people, inspiring an emotional and intuitive connection with the natural world, so that people and communities are more likely to actively support the need for nature’s recovery.

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Over the next 20 year we want to see: 

  • Core areas of wildlife-rich habitat, such as designated sites, nature reserves and priority habitats in excellent condition for wildlife, providing centres from which wildlife will spread as the landscape is reconnected
  • Linkages between core areas; not just narrow corridors, but large stepping stones improving the connectivity and effectively turning a landscape of isolated patches of natural habitat into one large area or network
  • Natural habitats functioning and providing ecosystem services such as flood risk management, cleaner water and pollination
  • People valuing and benefiting from a more resilient, connect and wildlife rich landscape and understanding the importance of our marine wildlife
  • The marine environment being sustainably managed and well regulated
  • Marine Protected Areas covering at least 25% of our seas