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Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust works on a number of research and survey projects, the reports from which are available below (some of these are large files).

Featured Report: Our Heaths

‘Our Heaths’ sets out the evidence which informs why the Trust manages heathland. We hope the report will be helpful to people who want to understand the background to heathlands, their history, ecology and wildlife in more detail.





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Latest publications

Winning Ways for Wildlife
Willow Tit Survey Report 2014


Bigger, Better and more joined up: Farming and Wildlife on the Isle of Wight


Inventory of eelgrass beds in
Hampshire and the Isle of Wight 2015



This study aims to determine the current distribution of willow tit across the project area, understand habitat preferences, raise awareness of the species amongst landowners and the local community, and begin to suggest management options.   Read how the coast and countryside of the Isle of Wight is not only beautiful but is exceptional for its wealth of wildlife. This report reflects on the need to restore the Isle of ight’s habitats on a landscape scale.    This report details the biology and ecology of seagrass, current threats, conservation and management options and our survey and monitoring techniques. The data section (including site maps and inventory forms) is available by request.


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Priority Habitats and Species

State of Nature Report
Publication Date: May 2013 Author/s: State of Nature Partnership

Saw-wort Monitoring Report, Cranmore SSSI
Publication Date: March 2015 Author/s: Ruth Kernohan

Slender Cottongrass Eriophorum gracile in the New Forest
Publication Date: October 2014 Author/s: Clive Chatters and Neil Sanderson

National Water Vole Database and Mapping Project
Publication Date: September 2014 Author/s: Catherine McGuire, Deborah Whitfield, Charlotte Owen and Helen Perkins

Solent Waders and Brent Geese Strategy 2010
Publication Date: March 2011 Author/s: Deborah Whitfield

The Success of Woodland Connectivity Enhancements in Relation to the Dispersal and Establishment of the Hazel Dormouse on the Isle of Wight
Publication Date: March 2011 Author/s: Sarah Jackson

Monitoring Survey for the Nail Fungus, Poronia punctata, in the New Forest
Publication Date: March 2011 Author/s: Sarah Jackson and Deborah Whitfield

Non-Native Species Research

The New Forest Non-Native Plants Project Report of activities during the first six years: May 2009 – April 2015
Publication Date: April 2014 Author/s: Catherine Chatters

Crassula helmsii in the New Forest Final report on the status, spread and impact of this non-native invasive plant, and the efficacy of control techniques following a 3-year trial and Annex Report
Publication Date: October 2014 Author/s: Naomi Ewald

People and Wildlife

Fresh air and Exercise
Publication Date: June 2012 Author/s: Sarah Bignell, Clive Chatters and Pauline Holmes

Habitat Management

Extended Phase 1 Ecological Assessment: Mid Hants Railway Watercress Line. Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, a report prepared for Mid Hants Railway Limited. Authors: Rushbrook, B. and Kernohan, R. (2015).

River Itchen SSSI / SAC Flow Augmentation Schemes
Publication Date: August 2012 Author/s: Ben Rushbrook, Tom Selby and Kerry Evans

The Effect of Environmental Stewardship Scheme Arable Field Margins on Bumblebee (Bombus spp.) Abundance and Diversity
Publication Date: December 2016 Author/s: Alexander Hammond and Roseanna Wright