We gather evidence

Harvest Mouse by Natalie Light

Survey and monitoring work is essential for protecting the exceptional wildlife found in our two counties. Surveying is essentially recording what is found on a site; usually a survey focuses on a particular group or species that are indicative of the overall health or condition of a habitat. Monitoring and repeat surveys can look at changes in those species or habitats over time. This can help us deduce if there has been a change in the populations or community structures on the site and establish whether this is due to the effects of management or natural variation.

Southern Damselfly by Ben Rushbrook

Surveys on species groups such as birds, invertebrates, protected species and plants are important for establishing if habitats are supporting the species that it should be, i.e. is it in good condition. Our ecology team, reserves officers and a team of highly skilled volunteers, carry out a comprehensive annual programme of ecological survey and monitoring on the land that we manage for conservation. 

We analyse the data we gather using mapping software. We also use GPS to accurately locate observations in the field. Maps help us visualise the data making it more manageable and informative.

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