We create Living Landscapes

Bluebell woods by Linda PriestleyBluebell woods by Linda Priestley

Thinking big – a landscape-scale approach to nature conservation

Wildlife needs space. The nature reserves we manage are precious wildlife havens, alive with plants, birds, mammals and insects. But alone, they’re not enough to ensure that our wildlife survives and flourishes into the future.

The wider landscape surrounding these sites is often inhospitable to wildlife. Intensive farmland, towns and cities, busy roads and railways all make it difficult for wildlife to move between safe havens.

As a conservation organisation, we have had to think differently about how to protect wildlife in this modern landscape. Through Living Landscapes, Wildlife Trusts across the UK are joining the dots – restoring, recreating and reconnecting isolated habitats – and making the whole landscape more wildlife-friendly.

Find out what we are doing in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to create a Living Landscape.