Submitting Records

We Need Your Records!

Help us to build a complete and current picture of species distribution across Hampshire by sending in a record every time you see an amphibian, reptile, mammal or plant.

Living Record
An online recording system for regular recorders. An easy to use system that allows you to submit all your records in one place. Records still go to the relevant county recorders for verification before going to Hampshire Biodiversity Information Centre. Register at and start recording!

For individual records:
When you send in a record please include the following information:

Your name.
The date of your observation.
The precise location (include a postcode and also a grid reference if possible, e.g. SU123456)
The species seen (use the scientific name if known).
Additional details such as quantity, alive/dead, adult/juvenile, will also be useful.

Hampshire Amphibian and Reptile Recording Network
Please submit your amphibian and reptile records to the Hampshire County Amphibian and Reptile Recorder at

Hampshire Flora Group
To submit vascular plant records to Hampshire Flora Group, please contact the Vice County Recorders, details can be found on Hants Plants. For other records, please see HBIC’s recording pages.

Hampshire Mammal Group
Please submit your mammal records to the Hampshire County Mammal Recorder at

As an alternative, you may prefer our Word version available here for download. This may be returned electronically or by post to HMG Recorder, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, Beechcroft House, Vicarage Lane, Curdridge, Hampshire SO32 2DP.

Other species groups
For all other records please see the county recorder list on the HBIC pages.