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Marine montage by Paul NaylorMarine montage by Paul Naylor

Would you like to learn more about your local seas? We’re looking for divers who can help us survey the marine life around our shores – and make a big difference to our conservation efforts.

If you can join us for a Seasearch training day, you can then use any dive to survey marine life in the UK and join us on one of our organised dive days. By getting involved you can learn a great deal about marine biology and local habitats while contributing to records which create an important picture of our seas.

If you are not a diver, you can help support your local marine life in other ways, such as by taking part in our Shoresearch or beach clean projects.

Get involved

You can join the Seasearch team by taking part in a one day Seasearch Observer training course and completing five qualifying dives, two of which must be with a Seasearch tutor present.

These are arranged in summer months, but once you’ve completed the training you can conduct your own Seasearch dives at any time of year.

Find out more about the surveys and book here.

Survey area

Although Seasearch is a national project, we are surveying habitats of particular interest to us such as rocky reefs, sand, gravel and seagrass meadows. Seagrass meadows play an extremely important ecological role and Seasearch divers have been helping us gather information about these habitats as part of the Solent Seagrass Project. We’ve also been focussing on areas within the proposed Marine Conservation Zones so that we can improve their monitoring and management. Data collected by divers through Seasearch is submitted to government bodies as evidence to inform conservation management decisions and has played a vital role in the designation of some Marine Conservation Zones.


You can keep up with the Seasearch project by joining our mailing list. Please email to join. 


Please email or call Tim on 01489 774445. Further information about Seasearch can also be found on the national Seasearch website.