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Greywell Moors

A nationally important fen and wet woodland system with many rare plants and invertebrates

Due to post-war cessation of grazing, wet woodland and scrub have invaded this area and reduced the area of open fen meadow; however it is still extraordinarily rich in scarce plant species, including national rarities. Species include marsh helleborine and pepper-saxifrage and the fen is also nationally important for its population of sedges, rushes and lower plants such as mosses and liverworts.


The Trust has undertaken woodland clearance to restore more of the site to open fenland and this has proved very successful. Flowering plants such as southern marsh orchids, hemp agrimony and both purple and yellow loosestrife are amongst those that can be seen. These flowering plants and the sedge tussocks and open habitats are rich in invertebrates and small mammals, which form the base of the food chain and provide foraging opportunities for the many species of birds that visit the site.

The site is grazed by our conservation heard throughout much of the year to suppress the growth of scrub. The site is split into parcels so that the grazing can be managed carefully. A portion of the site is not fenland but rather semi improved grassland and the cows prefer to stay on this ground. By constraining them to smaller parcels this more palatable vegetation is grazed off and the animals have to forage in the fen. This grazing is important to check the growth of more vigorous sedge species, allowing for other flowering plants to compete.


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Next to Greywell Village
RG29 1BY (to Fox and Goose pub)
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SU 720 510
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13.00 hectares
Permit required if you wish to visit the northern part of the reserve, due to ownership requirements. Please avoid the marshy areas as these are sensitive to trampling and can be dangerous to cross.
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Please avoid the marshy areas as these are sensitive to trampling and can be dangerous to cross.
Park on the left hand side of an approach drive to the pumping station that is on Deptford Lane. Please keep vehicle access to pumping station clear.
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Mike Morton, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust
Tel: 01256 381190